A voice broadcast is a pre-recorded message sent to customers via telephone. It is a simple and incredibly effective way to communicate with large numbers of people.

Our advanced systems can send hundreds of thousands of messages out per hour. No matter how demanding your requirements are, we have the capacity to deliver your message on time, every time.

For Voice Broadcast you can use only .mp3 Format audio files.

Mobile Application

Click on Dashboard & Select “CAMPAIGNS”.

Fill the required field, set the Date and Time of Campaign to be shoot & set the repeat value of the campaign.

After clicking on “SHOOT CAMPAIGN”, you successfully created a campaign.

For Web Portal:

Open “Dashboard” → Click “New Campaign”

Fill the required fields → Click “Shoot Campaign”

Paper-based and email-based marketing is ineffective in most of the situations. We all know what happens when you receive Spam email or junk letters – they go straight in the bin. Voice broadcast reach the customer in a much more direct manner – via their phone. In addition, a voice message costs less to deliver than a posted letter or a message delivered by a telemarketing agent. When you start using Voice Broadcasting, your response rates go higher and your costs come down.

Any organization or business that needs to communicate with large numbers of customers, employees or client groups. This could be a private sector business that wants to improve sales or customer relationship or a public sector organization that needs to stay in touch with the users of its services.

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When you sign up with Telio, you get access to an advanced web-based control panel that lets you set up recordings, upload your databases and broadcast your messages to the right people at the right time.


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