Mobile App

Sign Up

Install the application from Play Store. Enter your Mobile Number, Press SEND OTP.

Enter OTP & Press “CONFIRM” button, that you received on your registered mobile number.

Create Group

Click Dashboard → Select “GROUPS”.

Select this Icon to add new GROUP

Fill the input fields such as “group name” & “group type” → Press “NEXT”

Congratulation! You have successfully created a group.

Add Contacts

Click on Dashboard → Select “CONTACTS”.

If you select “Individual Contact” you can add only one contact at one time in the group, if you select “BULK CONTACTS” you can add unlimited contacts.

Choose group where you would like to add contacts → Select contacts that you want to add, click on “SAVE” button after selecting contacts.

View Contacts & Group Info

Click on Dashboard & Select “GROUPS”.

Start Campaign

Click on Dashboard & Select “CAMPAIGNS”.

Fill the required field, set the Date and Time of Campaign to be shoot & set the repeat value of the campaign.

After clicking on “SHOOT CAMPAIGN”, you successfully created a campaign.

Reschedule Campaign

Click on Dashboard & Select “CAMPAIGNS”.

Delete Campaign

Click on Dashboard & Select “CAMPAIGNS”.

Press “DELETE” button to confirm the delete group.

Web Portal

Sign Up

Open → Fill the required fields & read all terms & conditions properly → Click on “Sign Up”

Enter OTP → Click on “Verify OTP”

Choose your plan → Click on “Checkout”

You successfully register with Telio

Add Outgoing Number

Open Profile option located at top right of the dashboard → select “Add outgoing number”.

Enter “Phone Number” → select “Verify”.

You’ll receive a call from Telio on your outgoing number → Confirm your outgoing number over the call, i.e flashed over dashboard

After confirming your outgoing phone number, you are all set to start campaigns.

Create Phonebook

Open “Dashboard” → select “Create Phonebook”

Select “Bulk Contacts” for multiple contacts/Fill the required fields for individual contact

Upload CSV file → Choose “Phonebook Name” → Press “Submit”

Shoot Campaign

Open “Dashboard” → Click “New Campaign”

Fill the required fields → Click “Shoot Campaign”

Campaign List

Open “Dashboard” → Click “Campaign List”

for check status of the campaign.

for delete campaign.

for download report

Status of Campaign per user

Edit Phonebook

Open “Dashboard” → Click “View Phonebook”

to view all contacts

to edit the group

to delete the group